Henry S. Martin, Most Worthy Grand Patron of the General Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, married his wife, Opal Wall, in 1973. Martin is an Ordained Deacon, in addition to serving in other leadership positions at the Heights Baptist Church in Richardson, Texas.

Most Worthy Grand Patron

Henry is a retired Financial Administrator of the University of Texas Southwestern Medal Center and retired from Sun Oil Corporation Information Technology Division. In addition, Henry earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of South Carolina and an MBA Degree from the University of Dallas. From 1981 to 1989, Martin served an Adjunct Professor and Instructor of Computer Science in the Dallas Community College District.

Henry was initiated in the Edwin J. Kiest Chapter #959 in 1974 where he became and Endowed Member and Worthy Patron seven times. In the Grand Chapter of Texas, Martin has served on several special committees including the Audit Committee, Executive Committee Chairman from 1992-1993, and Grand Worthy Patron 1998-1999. Grand Lodge of Texas, Edwin J. Kiest Lodge #1310, Henry is an Endowed Member, and served as Worshipful Master, District Deputy Grand Master, and Chairman in 2008 and 2011.

Henry has taken part in many other Fraternal Bodies including Scottish Rite 33rd Degree, Royal Arch Masons of Texas. In addition, Henry has been honored as a Recipient of the Grand Cross of Color from the International Order of Rainbow for Girls and Recipient of the Legion of Honor from Demolay International.

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